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Truly Scrumptious' seems to sum up vintage tea party designs charmingly elegant from the tableware through to the cake accessories. To create some al fresco ambience, fill glass bottles and jars with flowers and tea lights and hang from trees and gateways. Use string paper lanterns and bunting across fences and hedges and don't forget to lay picnic blankets down for guests to sit on. A home-baked tea tastes even more delicious when served on our prettiest china. Part of the fun of holding a vintage tea party is getting dressed up so do make the effort and invite your guests to do the same! Your table could include flowers, candles, a pretty vintage tablecloth, bunting, or art deco ornaments or anything else you want. Why not chuck in some table sparkles & sparklers for good measure Feel free to use our china for more than just serving food. Turn vintage china into table centerpieces. This can be done in a variety of ways. Stack teacups and saucers or even a teapot to create tall centerpieces, or leave them low on the table. In both cases, they can be filled with fresh flowers feathers or anything you like!

​​​​​​​​Stunning China​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Packages:-

Packages Can be altered if required, to suit your special occasions requirements

Package for 5  :           £ 25.00    

5x Trios, 1 x Tea Pot, 1 x Sugar Bowl , 1 x Milk Jug,                                   1 x 3 Tier Cake stand, 1 x serving plate, Cutlery and decor.

Package for 10 :          £ 45.00

10 x Trios, 2 x Tea Pots, 2 x Sugar Bowl with Tongs or Spoons,                      2 x Milk Jugs, 2 x 3 Tier Cake Stand,  2 x  Serving plates,                                                          Cutlery & Decor 

Package for 20 :      £ 75.00 

20 x Trios, 4 x Tea Pots  4 x Sugar Bowls with Tongs or Spoons              4 x Milk Jugs,  2 x 3 Tier Cake Stands,  4 x Serving plates,                                                         Cutlery & Decor

Package for 30 :        £ 100.00

30 x Trios, 5 x Tea Pots 5 x Sugar Bowls With Tongs or Spoons                   5 x Milk Jugs  3 x 3 Tier Cake Stands , 5 x serving plates  

                                       Cutlery & Decor

Package for 40 :        £ 130.00

40 x Trios  8 x Tea Pots 8 x Sugar Bowls with  Tongs or Spoons                  8 x Milk Jugs     8 x 3 Tier Cake Stands    8 X serving Plates                                                         Cutlery & Decor

​Package for 50 :        £ 150.00

50 x Trios  10 x Tea Pots  10 x Sugar Bowls with Tongs or Spoons              10 x Milk Jugs   8 x 3 Tier Cake Stands   10 x Serving Plates                                                           Cutlery & Decor  

Package for 100 :  £280.00

100 x Trios  20 x Tea pots  20 x Sugar Bowls with Tongs or Spoons        20 x Milk Jugs  10 x 3 Tier Cake Stands  10 x  Serving Plates                                                   Cutlery & Decor 

Package for 150 ++   People    Please enquire

*****Packages for 150 and over please enquire for exclusive prices***

We currently Can cater for around 500 people with are beautiful unique mismatched vintage china and accessories . Please inquire for more discounted packages available.  We also will try to find any extras you require that we may not have on our own hire list.                  We have a huge list of fantastic suppliers that work with us. 

You will be given a delightful mix of beautiful china which will look stunning on your table. We supply a good assortment which we are sure you will be happy with.                                              We supply all of our Packages in delightful mismatched styles      Or why not try our mad hatters range !!  

Our specialised service promises to make your event even more memorable by providing a unique talking point adding that wow factor for your guests!!



We even Have TWO Stunning Vintage Carts To Hire!

Hire the carts for your event as a blank canvas, without glassware, sweets and decor giving you the opportunity to display your own unique selections!   

For those who wish to hire our cart with the works... A Bespoke Package will be created uniquely for you!

A Decorated Cart To Compliment Your Theme, Plastic Sweet Dispensers, Vintage Glassware or Stunning Vintage China to display your sweet treats, Scoops, tongs and cute candy bags....

                 Prices starting @@ £100 !!

Everybody loved the nostalgia of the old-fashioned sweet shop.
The old-fashioned sweets that you can remember from the sweet shop of your childhood, and many vintage sweets that you've probably forgotten.

Silver Package =

50 Guest's = £150.00                                             100 Guest's = £200.00

= 100g sweets per person

( Extra Person's = £1.00pp ) 

Gold Package =

50 Guests= £180.00                                              100 Guest's = £230.00

= 150g sweets per person

( Extra Person's = £1.50pp )

Herts Vintage China Hire

Vintage China Price's & Package's

Afternoon Tea Packages from £12.00 per person. 

Included in the Delicious Afternoon Tea Package. Our Stunning Vintage China, Gorgeous sandwiches with a variety of fillings & a selection of Yummy   Sweet Treats.

Please  Click The ​Links  below to find all our unique service's:-

Vintage China Pricing and Packages:-

We have put together several Vintage china package bundles to keep things simple and to save you money. Alternatively you can select items for your own specific requirements. All of our prices include VAT


You are also welcome to collect your package FREE OF CHARGE from our home address.

Pricing is unique for each Vintage event....

We do however have some Example Pricing of Packages, & all package's can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements! 


We also offer a set up/take down service to save you a lot of time on the build up to your occasion and we can provide the service of unpacking all your table items at the venue, matching and blending them together and laying them out on your tables, if required we will also can lay out all your favours, place names and centerpieces/table decor, ensuring you have truly stunning tables! This can be discussed at the time of booking. 

Example Pricing:-  

Table Set up @ £1.00 pp                                        Take Down @ £1.50 pp                                          Venue Dressing & Design Service POA 

Pricing        :-

Vintage Single Cup                           £1.10

Vintage saucer                                  £0.50

 Vintage  Side / Tea plate                £0.60

Vintage Tea Cup & Saucer    £1.30

Vintage Tea Trio’s {cup, saucer, side plate}   £1.80                                                                                                                   Vintage Cake / Serving plate  £1.50 

Vintage Dinner Plate      £1.50

Vintage Oval Platter (Ideal for sandwiches or cakes)   £1.50                                                                                                     
Vintage Milk Jug             £1.20

Vintage Sugar basin       £1.20

Vintage Cream/Jam Bowls    £1.40

Vintage small 2-3 cup Teapot       £3.50

Vintage Large 3-6 cup Teapot       £4.50

Vintage Coffee Pot                           £4.50

Vintage Glass footed single cake stand         £4.00

Vintage 1 tier cake stand                 £3.00

Vintage 2 tier cake stand                £3.50

Vintage 3 tier cake stand                  £4.00

Vintage Butter Knife              £0.25

Vintage Pastry fork                £0.25

Vintage tea spoon                  £0.25

Vintage Serving spoon            £0.40

Vintage Dessert spoon            £0.40

Vintage Sugar tongs                £0.75

Vintage Cake slice                    £0.75



Tea Bags Various Flavours and Tastes 0.15p Each

Sugar Cubes White/Brown  ^Please Enquire

Milk Full Fat or Semi Skimmed  ^Please Enquire

Vintage Gravy Boats { Milk or Cream }  £1.20 

Vintage Glass Bowls Small  £1.20 each

Vintage Glass Bowls Medium £1.50 each​

Retro Crockery available for kiddies £1 - £2 

Props And Table Ideas:-

Vintage China Table Center Pieces Small   £1.00 each

Vintage China Table Center Pieces Medium £1.50 each
                                                                    Vintage China Table Center Pieces Large £2.00 Each

Glass Jar/Bottle Center Pieces Small £1

Glass Jar/Bottle Center Pieces Large £1.50 

Vintage Napkins   £0.50p Each

Hessian/Lace Chair Cover From £1 Each

Hessian/Lace Table Runners From £1.50

Vintage Table Cloth Small    £3

​Vintage Table Cloth Medium    £5

Vintage Table Cloth Large £7

Selections of Table Linen available Please enquire 

​Vintage Bunting          £1 per meter 

Vintage Paper Dollies £0.10p each ​ 

Rustic Log Slices POA 

​Vintage Props  :~ Suitcase's, Singer Sewing Machine,             Picture Frames, Wicker baskets, Bird cage's, Telephone, lamps, Table Candles, Glasses Decanters  and MUCH MUCH MORE £ Please Enquire for prices £ 

Bespoke Rustic Cart Hire
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