Suitable for children age 6+ and a minimum of                                            8 children required.

           Starting @  £6.00 per child 

Whats included?

  • A Delightful china cup saucer & plate for each child
  • Tablecloth (Or Picnic Blanket) and Napkins
  • Teapots to fill with pink lemonade, juice or even Hot Chocolate! (included)
  • Vintage themed plates
  • China cake stands
  • Bunting and Treasures for decoration
  • Pink wafer biscuits, Party Rings and Pop Corn
  • Choice Of Crisps 
  • A choice of two juices, (cordials or lemonades)         
  •   Delightful Gift For The Birthday Girl

Add Extra's 

Flavored milk served in retro milk bottles and stripey straws add £1.00per child

Jelly Or Ice Cream served in tea cups with spoons add £1.00 per child

Colourful Delight Strawberry Banana Chocolate Mouse Add £1.00 Per Child 

Large Sweet Cone Candy Bags From £1.00 Per Child

Party Food Favorites Available Please Enquire......

Egg And Spoon Race £10 

 You Each must complete a relay distance or an obstacle course. Each player carries a spoon in their hand with an egg placed on it, which they have to bring safely to the finishing line or through the obstacle course. { Make the game more challenging by setting up an obstacle course for the players. Or, add another twist: The kids must hop like a bunny, waddle like a duck, crawl like a turtle.... The possibilities are endless. } 

Teacup Treasure Hunt £POA
Paper teacups make great decorations for a tea party, but they can also be used for games. A game of teacup treasure hunt will get the kids up and moving. Hide the paper cups around the Garden or house, and Fill with a simple selection of Treasures and Prizes. 

Tea Tray Memory Game £10
Adapt this tray memory game to fit a tea party theme. Place numerous tea-related objects on a tray and give the kids a specific amount of time to memorize it. Then they each have to write down everything they can remember on the tray. The one with the most correct answers wins.

Snake & Ladders £10

​Climb the ladders but watch out - you may find yourself slithering down the snakes! 

Don't have room for a sweet cart? Want to keep cost's down? 

Our new and unique coconut trolley has arrived and look's amazingly cute as a sweetie trolley! 

Blank Canvas Price £30!!! 

Or why not add a Retro sweet package?!

Let us surprise you with sweet's for up to 50 guest's for a unique price of £100!!! 

*Delivery Charges apply

     Sweeten The Birthday   Princess { OR  EVEN PRINCE }  with our Kids Sweet Cart.
Pre-loaded with sweets and all served inplastic safety bowls and goblets,for the younger CANDY lovers to enjoy the day!

    We have a choice of upto              10  SWEETS  to choose from     or why not request some of              your own favorites! 

             Prices on Enquiry.....

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Our children tea parties are a fabulous idea for your little lady and her friends to share afternoon tea, sip from a dainty china cup and be ‘grown ups’ for the afternoon!

The following tea party games are ideas gathered from traditional games and new creative games. They are perfect for adding a bit of fun to your tea party.

*Herts Vintage China Hire Has Unique  Discounted Damage Charges For Children Parties. Unlike When Adults Hire Our Delicate China :-) 

To Be Discussed at time of booking......

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